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Music is Powerful! Learn about how The Village Music School’s small group after school guitar and piano “clubs” can be a valuable part of your children or grandchildren’s aftercare program, or enroll them here or at the bottom of this page today! 

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Having quality enrichment programs at your after-school center is the key to having happy children and happy parents. We are currently offering After School Music Club lessons at schools in or near Chicago, Boston, New York City, the District of Columbia, Connecticut,  Minneapolis, as well as in Bellevue, Puyallup, and Tacoma WA. Ask your school’s after care organization about adding The Village Music School’s lessons to the options for your children!

At The Village Music School, we believe after school music programs are an excellent opportunity for young musicians to expand their musical horizons through small music clubs. They have the opportunity to perform as well as work in small groups with teachers who have exceptional performing experience.

Classes in guitar andpiano are offered currently. Classes in other instruments may be offered if requested. After school care centers that offer our programs will be encouraged to have the students perform for their classmates at the end of the year.

All genres of music are included as part of the program so that students get a well-rounded artistic experience. The music clubs pick up where existing school music programs leave off, a chance for students to get that extra attention and increased opportunity to perform.

Class Size And Length

We will run a program with as few as 4 children, and our class size will not exceed a ratio of 10 to 1. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. The cost is $24.75 per child per class. We can run the classes in whatever length session the After School Center offers, i.e. 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, etc. Also note that if the fee presents a barrier for you, your family may be eligible for tuition assistance from The Village Music School Foundation: . If you are interested in their assistance, you must apply to determine your eligibility before your child begins afterschool music lessons.

Ask you child’s after school program director about adding The Village Music School’s classes to the menu! Or sign up below for classes about to begin.

Watch our video on the Value of Practicing!


At the conclusion of spring sessions we hold recitals in order to showcase the achievements of our students. You can see videos from our Spring 2020 recitals here. And when you sign up your children for our After School group lessons, you will be able to watch them perform as well!

Sign Up Here

If you are involved with one of our Partner After School Centers, sign up below.  Already signed up? Here’s a link to Pay Your Bill.


    Note that a minimum of half your total fee for the session of lessons is due prior to your child’s first lesson. If you know the amount you owe for the lessons, please make a payment at, and put your child’s name and the school name in the Invoice field, like SuzyCueYale.