Best Online Piano Lessons for Beginners

The Village Music School is proud to offer the best online piano lessons for beginners in New York. At The Village Music School, our professional musician teachers and our exclusive techniques will have all but some of the very youngest children playing a familiar tune by the end of the first lesson. You’ll be satisfied, because at The Village Music School, Everyone Is Musical!

Four Lessons for $99

With the world moving to online spaces more and more, there’s never been a better time to sign up. Our small group online classes will have a beginner playing a tune after the very first lesson!

Online Piano Classes For Kids

We are very pleased to offer our lessons, designed especially for children, online in small groups. Our goal is to allow children to experience the joy of achievement and the pride of accomplishment in piano playing. Our methods ensure that a beginner can play a song after just one lesson, and that she or he will have both fun and success in every lesson.     

Our price is just $99 for four small group classes. The only variable is the length. If it is two children, the lessons are 30 minutes. If it is 3 or 4 students, then the lesson will be 45 minutes.

Online Piano Classes For Adults

You’re ready to sit down at the piano. That synthesizer in your room is ready to be plugged in. Trust us, it’s never too late to get into piano. Jump start your skills with one of our adult-oriented programs. Online piano classes for adults are offered as a four-week program, but can be altered to suit your needs, spread out to as much as four months. Take your time, enjoy yourself, and improve your piano skill with one of our expert instructors.

No-Hassle Rental Keyboards Available

Perhaps you are ready in every way to get started with lessons, except you don’t have a piano. No problem! We can rent you a keyboard, shipped to your home, for a mere $15 per month. Depending on the instrument you rent, it could be yours to keep after as few as six months.

At The Village Music School, Everyone Is Musical!

Average Cost of Online Piano Lesson

Music lessons often cost a significant amount. The average music instructor charges $72 for a single session. At The Village Music School, we offer four small group sessions for $99 dollars. That means you save nearly four times as much, when compared to the average lesson. On top of that, by streamlining the entire process, we still work with the best teachers in the region.

Testimonials of Our Students

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