Online Lessons

The Benefits of Online Lessons with The Village Music School

Watch this brief video featuring many of our students and some of our teachers giving online group lessons.

Recital Videos Now Online!

Videos of the Spring Recitals are viewable on the After School page. We are very proud of the performances!

Online Classes Help Parents

I just signed Brody up for the summer guitar classes online. Brody already has his guitar. Thank you so much for offering a summer session… this is wonderful!

Amy M., proud parent of Brody

Online Classes Available Now

        Due to present circumstances, we are happy to offer our service on-line. However, we cannot allow that to dictate a lesser level of quality in the experience or the results. Our goal remains the same, to allow children to experience the joy of achievement and the pride of accomplishment. 

        Our price will remain the same, just $99 for four group classes; what will change is the length. If it is two children, 30 minutes. If it is 3 or 4 students, then the lesson will be 45 minutes.

         Grouping by level of ability is paramount. Identifying students of like ability is key to successful pedagogy. In order to identify student ability levels, we will conduct brief  initial one-on-one lessons. We will coordinate with individual households for scheduling those placement lessons. The placement lessons will be free of charge.

Choosing a private lesson gives you the option of choosing the level of teacher expertise and experience you want. We have three levels of instruction.

  • Trainers: Trainers are staff members who are educated in music or in education or both, but are not highly trained professional musicians. Trainers are suitable for beginners in every age group, introducing the instrument with our proprietary methods. Except for very young children, motivated students will be able to play songs after the first lesson.
  • Teachers: Teachers are trained musicians who have experience in the music business or a higher education in music or both. They are capable of teaching beginners as well as students with experience in their instruments. Teachers will instruct experienced students in improvement of their technique and in reading music.
  • Master Teachers: Master Teachers are instrumentalists who have been highly trained in at least one musical instrument, but often in more than one. These musicians have a depth of experience in the world of music and are suitable for teaching students at any level to bring them as far as the student wants to go with their instrument.

Call us today to help you choose the best level of teacher to meet your needs. Or simply sign up for lessons below! Here’s a link to Pay Your Bill.

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