Recital Time!

At the end of each schoolyear, our teachers work with their center directors to organize recitals for each class. If possible, parents are invited to come in for the last lesson, which becomes the recital. If parents are not allowed to come in person for the recitals, teachers are asked to stream them live via Zoom, sending electronic invitations out to parents.

Our Spring 2020 recitals differed from any we have conducted before. These recitals were the only ones to be done completely online, via Zoom, because of the pandemic. We recorded them, and you may see those recordings here.

Spring Recitals

We are so proud to present the videos from our Spring Guitar and Violin Online Recitals featuring students from Stoddert Elementary!

Spring 2020 Guitar Recital

“Thank you. She felt good about it and it was fun to watch.”

–Dan D., proud parent of Anna

“Awesome thank you!!  He had a great time.” 

–Emilio V., proud parent of Emilio

“Thank you so much for organizing such a great event. Our family enjoyed it.” 

–Anh D., proud parent of Minh
Spring 2020 Violin Recital

“Thanks so much for everything! I talked about Noah taking private lessons from Miss Brit over the summer!”

–Kristin C., proud parent of Noah

It is a sad reality that we could not have our recitals, complete with cookies and juice, as we used to have them, in person at the after-care centers where we gave in-person lessons. However, on the brighter side, parents were able to send the Zoom invitation and password to friends and family members who might not have been able to attend an in-person recital. As a result, we had more attendees to these recitals than we might have had otherwise.

We are very happy that the era of online-only recitals is over, and that children are able to be all together with their teachers in one room for recitals.

Now is the time to ask your child’s after-care center if they offer group music lessons, and if they don’t, ask them to offer them through The Village Music School, the best provider of music instruction for over thirty years, where Everyone Is Musical!