Struggling to Keep Kids Busy?

Hard Parenting During COVID-19
The news explores the difficulties of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this pandemic, it’s clear that many parents are struggling to keep their children occupied while everyone is home. 

Schools are closed, and summer camps may very well be closed as well.

What are parents to do? 

Online group or individual music lessons are one way to keep your children busy and happy, learning to play guitar, violin, flute, piano, or percussion instruments. Group lessons are especially helpful in providing some degree of socialization that children may be missing during these days of social distancing. In a group lesson, you can allow your child to interact with other children online while an adult teacher supervises. 

With The Village Music School’s methods, a beginner learns how to play a song in the very first lesson! 

Visit our Online Lessons page for more information and sign up for lessons today!

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