A great article about benefits of music education


This excellent article, “Musicians who train from a young age have more ‘connected’ brains, study finds” gives more evidence of the long-term benefits of beginning music education at a young age. These are great reasons to sign up your young child for some music lessons today!

Mom on the Value of Practice

Remember the old joke about the young man getting lost while visiting New York City? He sees an old man playing the violin on the street for tips and tosses him a quarter asking him, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

The old man looks at him and says, “Practice!”

Watch this brief video in which a a mother tells about the benefits she has seen her young children enjoy as a result of practicing their musical instruments as little as ten minutes a day.

Welcome Litchfield County!

We are thrilled to be offering 4-lesson online sessions to young students in Litchfield County, CT for only $99. The Waterbury Republican American Community News has just posted our press release featuring a picture of one of our many students. Here’s a link to the article:  https://community.rep-am.com/2020/07/14/village-music-school-offering-virtual-summer-music-program-and-scholarships-to-litchfield-county-students/

Actually, anyone can take advantage of this offer, since we are doing these lessons online.

As always, our friends at The Village Music School Foundation can help families who cannot afford the lessons..

So visit our Online Lessons page and sign up your child today.

After all, Everyone Is Musical!

Struggling to Keep Kids Busy?

Hard Parenting During COVID-19
The news explores the difficulties of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this pandemic, it’s clear that many parents are struggling to keep their children occupied while everyone is home. 

Schools are closed, and summer camps may very well be closed as well.

What are parents to do? 

Online group or individual music lessons are one way to keep your children busy and happy, learning to play guitar, violin, flute, piano, or percussion instruments. Group lessons are especially helpful in providing some degree of socialization that children may be missing during these days of social distancing. In a group lesson, you can allow your child to interact with other children online while an adult teacher supervises. 

With The Village Music School’s methods, a beginner learns how to play a song in the very first lesson! 

Visit our Online Lessons page for more information and sign up for lessons today!

The VMS Announces Online Lessons

The Village Music School is offering online group lessons during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Village Music School has offered music instruction for over thirty years and has developed methods and techniques which allow even beginners the ability to play a tune after the first lesson.

The regular price of a 4-lesson package is $99.

Boy guitar and Girl piano

Lessons in guitar, violin, and piano are already happening. A recorder class, and a class in rhythms of the world are anticipated. Classes will be taught by the world the class faculty of The Village Music School; teachers such as Carter Huntley, who holds a master’s degree in guitar from Yale University, Patrick Dillery, a flutist who has literally played and taught around the world, the jazz faculty which includes Gottfried Stoger, saxophonist, Bob Meyer, percussion, and Sarah Cion, a pianist who placed first in an international jazz competition.

These faculty members and others share a profound knowledge of their art and a love of teaching. Call today classes at a variety of levels and ages are forming now.

For additional information contact us.

Music to the Rescue!

March, 2020. 

With the onslaught of the coronavirus and all the changes to normal operations that have occurred, we understand that many parents are struggling to keep their children occupied in positive, productive, or at least healthy activities during the day. 

Music lessons are a perfect solution to that kind of problem. The Village Music School is offering weekly online lessons in guitar, piano, violin, flute, saxophone, and drums. The price is just $99 a month. If families are unable to pay the full amount, our sister organization, The Village Music School Foundation, is willing to subsidize up to half the cost of the lessons in order to ensure the musicians giving the lessons are being paid fully. 

In order to set up lessons for your child, just contact us through any of the numbers you see on the Contacts page, or email us at mail@thevms.org.

Not Going Viral,

…but going the distance

With the onslaught of coronavirus, the districts and centers in which The Village Music School operate are closing their doors. Where they are opting for distance learning, we will set up online learning classrooms as well. We will contact the parents of the link information as soon as we have it set up. Parents should look for an email from thevms.org later this week.